Making a dent in extreme poverty
By creating high quality training data for the world's leading AI companies.
The Rise of Automation: An Impeding Trouble?
Manufacturing jobs have been a development boon for Asian countries, lifting millions of people out of poverty.

As wages rise, companies are increasingly turning to automation to reduce costs and improve productivity.

The World Bank is worried Africa will miss out the development opportunities offered by manufacturing jobs.

Digital Revolution: Threat or Opportunity?
More than half of the world still does not have access to the Internet today.

How do we make sure the wave of technological advances won't deepen the wealth inequalities between high-income and low-income individuals?
Our Answer:
Creating Good, Inclusive Jobs
A good job has transformative powers that reaches far beyond an individual's financial security. A well-paid job enable people to invest theirs and their family's education, health, and overall safety.

For many, sustained employment is the surest pathway out of poverty.

At Nsemba, we're set out to leverage opportunities in the digital economy, to create good jobs for the most vulnerable communities in Africa and around the globe.
The Bottom Line: Competitiveness and Effectiveness
Delivering unequalled value to our customers is of paramount importance for us.

Our ability to consistantly deliver incomparable value is the number one factor which will allow us not only to sustain but most importantly to scale the impact we are creating.
Where We Are:

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Where We Want to go:
We've made it public that one of our goals is to create 1000 good jobs in Madagascar by 2024.

Learn more about the challenge here.

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