You hired the best and brightest engineers and data scientists ...
... to build models
... not label data

Have a team of expert annotators handle the grunt work,
while you focus on building the next great Deep Learning application.

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Quantity is not enough

Don't let poor data quality ruin your efforts.

Is having access to huge amounts of data enough? The answer is no — it’s not enough. The performance of machine learning models depends as much on the quality of data used to build them as on the volume of data.

How We Can Help You

We offer you a wide range of services aimed to speed up the process of building computer vision models.

Bounding Boxes

Build datasets with accurately drawn rectangle boxes around objects in a matter of few days.


Build better performing models with fine polygonal annotations.

Lines and Points

Build better models with our point and line annotation service.

Put our experience to work for you

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Professional Annotators

Your data will be meticulously labeled by highly motivated, rigourous, skilled data labelers.

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Robust QA Processes

Our internal quality control process means that the data you receive has already been controlled and validated.

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Powered by Humans & AI

Well-designed tools powered by Machine Learning help us achieve quality at scale for you.

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Positive Social Impact

You are directly helping alleviate extreme poverty by providing digital work to vulnerable communities.

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